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Better ways to select modern analogues, using climate and geomorphological relationships ...

New website of interest: SEPM Sequence Stratigraphy (STRATA) site by Chris Kendall ...

Debris-flows in action, if you want a thrill ...…

Phase-1 PhD studies incorporated …

Be more precise with your climate zones

Pictorial lithofacies atlas beginning to be populated - try desiccation cracks to see full potential

Welcome to the AUDRI website

This is the completely rewritten version of the website: new layout, all sections rewritten to improve clarity, many more images, greatly improved navigation, new content. A primary aim is to make more obvious what is inside - so each major section has a much more detailed index page, and it is easier to jump into sub-sections.

Look out for the new Topic Thread navigation (top left and top right) to guide you through longer sections.

Look in Reservoirs and Analogues section for a guide to conceptual and numerical reservoir modelling.

Tell us what you think, share ideas or ask questions, through the Feedback section.

Did you know ... ??

Aeolian sediments do not contain significant amounts of clay - that is what we get told, yes? But soil processes can add large amounts of clay, and obscure the primary texture, and aeolian settings can thus get missed

Q: When might an incised valley not be an incised valley even though it cuts down 60m into the underlying succession?
A: When it is a confluence scour !!

Wind-blown dust can add large amounts of clay to sediment that might have been deposited free of clay, confusing environmental interpretation

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